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Chuck Carlson's 10 inch F5.6

Chuck Carlson's 10" Newtonian Chuck Carlson built this unique 10" F5.6 telescope. 

The base and rocker box are typical dobsonian, as is the mirror box. 

The tube, however, isn't really a tube. Two beams of wood in an L shape (like angle iron) are attached to one side of the mirror box. These hold the board at the top to which the focuser, spider, and finder are mounted. The black part of the "tube" is cardboard. 

The cardboard is easily removed via keyholes which are placed over screwheads. The top assembly fits in the mirror box, and the entire scope makes a very compact unit for easy transport. Wingnuts or knurled nuts are used where needed to make everything easy to assemble. 

Notice the C clamp used as a counterweight on the back. Low-tech, cheap, and it works as well as, maybe better, than fancy expensive ones. Easily adjusted, and you can add more or less weight. And you always have a handy supply of C clamps for when something breaks. 

The spider is a single curved vane. It produces little diffraction, and is very rigid, partly due to it's large Chuck Carlson's 10" Scope mounting bases. 

An eyepiece holder is attached to one side of the rocker box, and can hold two 2" and two 1.25" eyepieces. 

The mirror is an old Coulter full thickness mirror, which was refigured to perfection by Jerry Wilkerson. The diagonal is from Novak, and the 2" crayford focuser is from Tectron. 

A Daisy electronic rifle sight is used as a one-power finder along side the conventional 50mm finder scope. 

Plumbing fittings make great altitude bearings on small to medium size dobsonians. This one uses 4" PVC fittings.

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